Maya Empowerment is a private coaching resource for individuals seeking change and empowerment created by Flavia Dalzell Payne.

Flavia’s work, whether coaching, mentoring or facilitating group empowerment sessions, promotes psychological well-being by delving into the human operating system to explain how our mindset — our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations — and behaviour shape our lives.

Flavia teaches clients of all ages to develop an empowered mindset, cultivating mental health and emotional resilience, to transform lives and create a better future.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
- Albert Einstein

Why Maya?

Māyā in Sanskrit has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context. It literally means ‘magic’ or ‘illusion’ suggesting there’s more to reality than we superficially see. In ancient Vedic literature, Māyā signifies wisdom and extraordinary power. The root of the word may be man- or “to think” — in early Vedic usage this implies “a wondrous and mysterious power to turn an idea into a physical reality”.